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Bressman Family Law

Bressman Family Law

Bressman Family Law Bressman Family Law Bressman Family Law

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Our Approach and Specialized Knowledge

     Family law matters require understanding, attention and sometimes, zealous advocacy. When everything is uncertain and seems unmanageable, you need an attorney that listens, is compassionate, goal-oriented, and aligns with your particular case so that you can move forward with your life. Bressman Family Law is known for being tough, honest, yet always responsive and compassionate.

     Our firm is well-known for its unique approach in negotiating complex, challenging financial and custody cases, avoiding the “scorched-earth approach,” while maintaining decorum in what may sometimes become “uncivil proceedings."

       Past clients include high-net worth individuals and their spouses from the worlds of business, technology, sports, public employees with complex pension plans such as police officers, as well as many clients with much simpler estates and limited funds who require a more cost-efficient plan.

     Bressman Family Law possesses specialized knowledge as to complex corporate issues  prevalent in Silicon Valley, which sets the firm apart from others. We have extensive experience dealing with analysis and division of private company stock, stock options and rights to exercise options, and securities held in other, more esoteric forms, such as convertible promissory notes and SAFES. 

    Julia Bressman tailors her approach for each individual client, always providing prompt and thoughtful responses in order to keep the client informed and calm throughout, what can otherwise be, quite a traumatic process. Bressman Family Law always focuses on maintaining client confidentiality and service, such that the client is a part of the process and never left wondering what is happening on their matter. Service is the number one goal.

Areas of Practice

  • child support and spousal support
  • custody and visitation
  • identification, characterization, valuation and distribution of property
  • private equity due diligence and division attendant to divorce
  • domestic violence and restraining orders
  • multi-state and international issues
  • prenuptial, post-nuptial, and separation agreements
  • mediation and collaborative divorce (CA)
  • appeals and enforcement proceeding


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